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Monday, January 30, 2023

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Jessica Scanlon

Jessica Scanlon has demonstrated leadership in all facets of her life. Jessica has acheived her ultimate leadership experience by becoming the Florida State President of her co-curricular club, Family, Career & Community Leaders of America. She leads the leaders, basically. Jessica oversees 10 vice-presidents located all over the state. Together they organize and plan the state leadership convention, which has attendance of over 1000 members who travel from all parts of the state. As Florida State President, Jessica was also chosen to speak in front of the national convention in California this past summer in front of approximately 7000 members, advisers, & executives. In her role as FCCLA state president Jessica has implemented new procedures such as monthly officer reports to improve effectiveness in her officers and allow them to stretch toward their goals and then share their experiences with others. She also encouraged community involvement and volunteerism in Florida FCCLA with her Presidents Challenge. Her presidents challenge issued at last years state leadership conference, called for all clubs to committ to at least one day or way of community service each month. At Chamberlain High School, Jessica is the Vice President of Key Club and National Technical Honor Society. She was awarded the Johnson & Wales book award as a junior last year for outstanding leadership. Jessica was selected to be on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Student Advisory Board last year and served a one-year term. She nominated her teacher and advisor, Chef Erik Youngs for the Buccaneers Community Quarterback award and he was selected as one of only 5 award recipients. Jessica has been actively involved in the YMCA Leaders Club for many years and held numerous board positions. She has coached youth soccer at the YMCA and has been selected to attend Blue Ridge Leaders School for two consecutive years. Jessica enjoys interning with her mentor, Hillsborough County School Board member April Griffin. After her experience last year with Mrs. Griffin, Jessica volunteered herself to spend the day this year at the Great American Teach In at Orange Grove Middle School talking to eighth graders about leadership and the high school experience they are about to embark on. Jessica has shared her leadship story at many schools, girl scout troops and the YMCA, encouraging other kids to embard on their own leadership journey. In FCCLA, Jessica competed in STAR event of parlimentary procedure, leading her team to victory and national competition for 3 years. She has now been promoted to judging this event at district competition. Jessica takes her leadership seriously and attends many community meetings and charity/community service events including Feed Tampa Bay. Jessica is not only a leader in her school and in the community, she is a leader at home as well. Jessica is a great role model and a shining example for her 2 younger sisters, encouraging them to get involved in community service early in life. Jessica plans to end her leadership journey at Chamberlain by starting a clothes closet for students going out into the workforce modeled after the Dress fo Success program. This program would provide business attire collected by requesting donations from local business women and interview tips for students that may not know how to dress or be able to afford business attire for interviews. Jessica has contributed to our community in so many ways. Her motto is One person can make a difference and her favorite quote is Be the change you wish to see in the world. In fact, as a gift to her FCCLA state officers, she compiled a CD with motivational/leadership themed songs and included her favorite book of leadership quotes. I can think of noone more deserving of the 2012 YEA! award for leadership than Jessica Scanlon!

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