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Friday, December 2, 2022

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Kaitlyn Pankoe

Extraordinary Girl

Kaitlyn is extraordinary because of her excellence in education, creativity with an extracurricular Odyssey of the Mind team, heartfelt caring for others with disabilities and dedication to Girl Scouts.

Kaitlyn has achieved Principal’s Honor Roll each 9 weeks from 1st grade thru 3rd grade (3rd nine weeks) at Lincoln I.B. Elementary School in Plant City, FL. Kaitlyn has been selected by her peers as student of the month in each grade for demonstrating the character trait of Commitment. She consistently sets and achieves aggressive goals for the voluntary reading program, Renaissance Place. Kaitlyn is also a proud member of Chorus at Lincoln.

Being an active and creative member of an Odyssey of the Mind team is a real highlight of her year. The team has been together for 3 years now and does an awesome job working together to create their own unique “answer” to the problem selected. The team has been selected to attend the State finals two out of the three years in competition and have also scored high enough to attend the World finals (although haven’t attended due to cost & travel distances).

Kaitlyn has a loving heart and has become good friends with 2 girls in our neighborhood who have disabilities. Tori is deaf and has severe scoliosis which limits her body movements. Jacklyn has recently joined the neighborhood when her family moved to Florida from New Jersey. Jacklyn is in a wheelchair full time and only communicates through a computer program. Jacklyn comes with us on neighborhood “walks” and even helped Kaitlyn with the recent door-to-door Girl Scout Cookie sales by holding her ordering clipboard between houses. Tori and Kaitlyn like to play Wii games together and go swimming.

Brownie Troop 546, under the excellent leadership of Katie Hopkins, Stephanie Darnell & Michelle Miller, is learning valuable life skills through open communication, cooperation and respect. They work very hard to make plans and reach goals they have set as a team.

Kaitlyn loves to read, loves animals and loves cooking! She would be an excellent selection for this spotlight opportunity.

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