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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Kasey Miller

Extraordinary girl nomination

My daughter Kasey turned 7 this past January. She attends Spessard Holland Elementary in Bartow and is in the 1st grade. Her teacher is Mrs. Lineback. She recently tested for the gifted program and missed it by one point. She is a very bashful child and on the exam she got a lower score on the “risk taking” part. Nothing academic that she failed. They are retesting her next year. She is in the AR (accelrated reader) program at school and reads at the fifth grade level. She is a classroom helper. She usually finishes her work ahead of time and the teacher allows her to help other students in class. She just recently joined the Girl Scouts in Bartow and she is a Daisy in Troop 169 under Julianna Eden. Last year she placed first in the Polk County art Conservation contest for her grade level and her art was on Display at Ridge Art Association and later published in the 2012 conservation calendar for the county under the month of July. We as a family deliver meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas to the elderly in conjunction with VISTE. She has also done artwork for the elderly in the Bartow nursing home through the girls scouts and made “birthday boxes” for the childrens home (has items to make a cake, balloons, plates,etc). I have worked hard to let our daughters know that there is always someone with less or having a more difficult time than they may be having. After Christmas she and I researched different local charities that helped the community in different ways and discussed how Kasey could help them. This year on her birthday in an effort to further her community service, Kasey decided to help an organization called Oh My Baby founded by Gwen Diaz. Instead of receiving birthday gifts at her party, she sent out invitations with information about Oh My Baby and asked for donations in reference to it to make filled diaper bags for needy single moms that are admitted into LRMC to have babies. There is enough in each bag to sustain a newborn for the first two weeks of life. Kasey was able to collect donations and assemble six bags! I just want my girls to grow up with the outlook that all are equal and to know that sometimes you do need to help out your fellow man in times of hardship. Kasey is a caring and considerate child, trying to live by the Girl Scout law.

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