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Katherine (KC) Shelton

Extraordinary girl nomination

Katherine (KC) is a Lakewood High School student in the environmental studies/marine science program. She is passionate about the outdoors and the environment. She has been a Girl Scout since she was in second grade, and this summer, she will volunteer for the 4th year straight in the horse program (WIT) at the Girl Scout camp in Wildwood, taking care of the horses and helping campers have a safe, enjoyable riding experience. To support the environment, KC spends nearly every weekend collecting and testing water samples for the USF College of Marine Science OCG Globe program. Her volunteer efforts have led to the USF College of Marine Science Education & Outreach Department giving her a leadership role in their Oceanography Camp for Girls Alumni Association and accepting her as one of only a few high school juniors to serve as a counselor in USF’s summer marine science camp designed to encourage young women to consider careers in science. As wonderful as leadership roles are, the most impressive thing to me about KC is that she takes her love of the environment to a most humble level; when she is out walking in our neighborhood or even just going from the car into a store, she will see trash others have left on the ground (or in the bay), pick it up, and put it in a bin. She does this all time and has done it for years. Few notice and I imagine most people think she is crazy for picking up garbage, but to me it is amazing. She is wonderful kid and she works hard at school, and at playing soccer and tennis, and at helping her family. She is an Ebony Scholar, which recognizes academic achievement among African-American students and one of her teachers nominated her for this year’s Mayor’s Award of Excellence (sadly, she did not win). Seriously though, KC really is amazing and it would be wonderful if she could be recognized. Thank you! — Janet Shelton

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