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Friday, December 2, 2022

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Keep Santa Alive! – Answers to Tell Your Questioning Kids

First they write Santa a letter. Then they come back to school in tears because Sally told the class that Ol’ Saint Nick is a dirty parents’ trick. Blasphemy! Parents choose to break the magic at different times, but that doesn’t mean your household cannot celebrate the Christmas spirit. We have some awesome responses to the toughest questions that doubting kids will throw your way.

How come I never hear the reindeer on the roof? Reindeer may look like dear but are in fact a different species meant for sleigh pulling during Christmas. Santa hand-selects the quietest of reindeer to fly on Christmas eve.

If Santa is so fat, how can he fit down a chimney? Only the top of chimneys are narrow. He sucks in and shimmies down.

How can he make it to every house in the world? Well, Santa only visits the children who are believers in him, have been good all year, and are fast asleep; so, it’s not every house. Then he takes advantage of time zones. If he needs to, he can use magic to slow down time.

How can Santa visit if we have no chimney? He has a master key to come through the door.

How does Santa know that we are celebrating Christmas somewhere else? Santa knows where every child plans to sleep that night to make sure he visits the right houses. He has his own version of Google maps that is filled with magic and much more powerful.

How do all of the toys fit into Santa’s sleigh at one time? Santa holds them in a special sack that can shrink the gifts.

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