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Monday, January 30, 2023

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Keeping our family strong

This past year has been a real struggle for my family, My husband and I have three beautiful daughters and through all the hardships we have come to face we are trying to keep a strong bond. In March 2011 my husband had been let go from his job making things very tough for us. He is our bread winner and with our two youngest daughters both under the age of two we decided it would be best for me to stay home with them until they are a bit older. We had to keep things very tight because we were only receiving a small amount of money from my husband’s unemployment, which wasn’t even enough to cover our bills let alone family fun. At this time our youngest daughter Rhiley was yet to be born. She graced us with her presence on June 14th 2011 making things go from hard to harder. Every parent knows that the cost of a newborn can be quite expensive and with our recent loss of income it was almost impossible. With the help of family and friends we managed to survive. As if we weren’t already struggling, the worse news was yet to come. On September 16th 2011, a day I’ll never forget, my daughter Evelyn of just 17 months old was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder called schizencephaly. An MRI of her brain showed that a large portion was missing and that there were serious complications to follow. She has since started speech, occupational and physical therapy because of her problems due to her disability. She receives therapy 5 times a week and is making wonderful progress. However, this makes it very tough for us to spend quality time together as a family. She is constantly facing new struggles and a lot things have to be modified to suit her needs within our family. Through this, we have learned the importance of family and what it takes to make things work. We haven’t had a vacation since Evelyn was born in April 2010 and we could really use some time together worry free. We were planning a three day trip to Disney World for the girls with this year’s tax return, but come to find out the Department of Education had taken our entire return to pay on my husband’s student loans. We couldn’t make any payments on them since my husband lost his job. So now we are stuck. My husband has thankfully returned back to work in January of this year and due to our need to play “catch up” on our bills we don’t have money to spare. Our little ones Audree which is 6, Evelyn now 22 months and Rhiley 8 months would greatly appreciate some family fun! We need this to keep our heads on straight and to keep our family strong!

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