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You Know You’re a Grandma When…

When you become a grandparent, you might think that you aren’t really a grandma until you get gray hair and wrinkles, which might not be for a long time. Try as you might to deny that you are old enough to have a kid with a kid, there are other signs that remind you that you are, in fact, somebody’s grandma. Here is a list of signs that you know you are a grandma compiled from some local new and veteran grandmothers. You know you’re a grandma when:

1. You call your husband “grandpa” even when your grandkids aren’t around and neither of you think anything of it. And he calls you “grandma” when nobody is around. You might even say it in the sweet broken way that a toddler learns to say it. “Oh hello Dampa!” you might say to your husband when you come in the door.

2. You no longer think you sound like your mother, but you say things that sound like your grandmother. And you realize that your daughter sounds just like you. You might be browsing in a store with your daughter and her daughter, and you hear your daughter telling your granddaughter not to pitch a fit, while you tell her to put whatever she wants in the cart. It is like history repeating itself. A deja-vu of sorts.

3. You always have candy around your house. You don’t even remember buying it, but it is there, and your grandkids love it.

4. You made a Facebook account just to see your grandchildren and share recipes. You might have even had your teenage grandson set it up for you. You share nothing but recipes and funny videos of your grandkids, and your best friend’s name is Joyce.

5. You let your grandkids do whatever they want at your house because you know that it is your job to spoil them and send them home, just like your mother did for your kids. You love to give them little treats and you know that they will beg to come back to your house.

6. You constantly shop for baby clothes, kid clothes, teen clothes, anything you can get for your grandkids. You realize that your grandkids lack the kind of fashion sense that your high-waisted Levi’s generation had, and you want to buy them clothes that will be a little more modest than the stuff they like to buy.

7. You are an awesome cook. You have meals that your grandchildren beg for. Your daughter asks for your recipes and you know that you will always be the one to feed the family. This makes you happy to no end.

8. You look forward to taking your grandkids on day trips. You might have bought the book One Tank Trips, or maybe you just plan to take your grandchildren to Spook Hill and Bok Towers, or you plan day trips to Busch Gardens but either way you look forward to these day-long vacations. You know the car-ride will be filled with funny stories about school and you can’t wait to teach your grandchildren about the history of the Bay Area.

9. You wear sneakers or bedazzled sandals exclusively. This will change with age, but regular flats or high heels just aren’t up your ally anymore. Your sneakers are your go-to because you don’t want your legs and back to hurt when you have to chase your grandchildren around the house.

10. When someone says “Hey Grandma!” in a store, you turn around. You don’t know when it happened, but you answer specifically to that special name your grandkids picked for you. It might have been so long since someone called you by your actual name that you feel weird when a telemarketer calls your house and asks for “Nancy” instead of “Memaw”.

11. You wear your glasses on a string around your neck. Its just easier that way. You don’t even know why you started but you have no regrets about your fashionable glasses-gone-necklace.

12. Your grandchildren are your world, and you love it that way. And you tell everyone, you show strangers at the grocery store your grandsons picture. You share your granddaughters school newspaper with your book club. You are one proud grandma.

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