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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Last Minute Costumes for Moms – Florida Edition!!

Ahh! You spent all of your time decorating the house, finding the perfect costume for your child, and buying candy to pass out. Now, you have nothing to dress up as, nonetheless an idea of where to begin. Don’t panic; we have ideas for you!


  1. Shower without shaving.
  2. Run around outside and let the humidity do its magic.
  3. Use that 99 cent eyeliner you bought thinking it would work to draw on facial features.

Snapchat Ghost

  1. Take a white sheet and cut holes for eyes.
  2. Also cut several feet around the sheet’s edges. When you wear it, the sheet should cut off before the knee to let in a cool breeze.
  3. Add the name “snapchat” to make your kids think you’re cool.

Dance Mom

  1. Break out into your retro aerobic gear – I’m talking leotards and all; keep it breezy.
  2. Dance everywhere you go, including in front of your child’s friends.
  3. Yell at your kid for not trick-or-treating up to your standards.


  1. Wait to create your child’s homemade costume the night before, so you get zero sleep.
  2. Spend that day basking in the sun without any sunscreen.
  3. Wear the shirt you spilled meat loaf on last night.

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