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You’re Busy. Let Publix Help You with Dinner.

The kids are back to school, back in extracurricular activities, and your family’s weekday routine has returned to constant motion. Amidst the busy to-dos, finding time to plan for dinner can be difficult. Publix is here to help make your life easier. Whether you have a moment to whip-up a quick meal or you barely have time to grab something on the run, we understand you care about ensuring your family gets the nourishment they need. Take advantage of our many dinner options while you deserve to take a moment to relax… let us do the work!

If you have a moment to cook but aren’t sure where to start, check out the Publix Aprons Ready to Cook section in the meat department. Our Publix Aprons chefs created these dishes with you in mind. Leave the planning and tedious prep work to us; just open the package and prepare! Easy-to-follow instructions are included as well as all the ingredients, which are pre-measured for your convenience. From beef to poultry to seafood, we offer a variety of Ready to Cook dishes including entrees, full meal kits, campfire meals, slow cooker meals and Cook-In-Bag meals.

Don’t have time to cook? Barely have time to eat in the car on the way to the next afterschool activity? We’ll meet you in the Publix deli department. For sliced meats and cheeses, hot and flavorful meals, and handcrafted subs, use Publix Online Easy Ordering to eliminate your wait time. You might already know about our fried or rotisserie chicken family meal deal, but have you tried our smokehouse selections? We offer individual meals, meals for 4, and build-your-own meal options of smoked meats. Try one of our new BBQ-inspired side items such as gouda mac-n-cheese, sweet potato wedges or breaded okra. Can you smell the deliciousness already?

When you don’t have time to order ahead, Publix offers a plethora of Deli Grab & Go and premade options: sandwiches, salads, soups and more. For hot meal options, step-on-up to the hot case at the deli service counter. You’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

No matter what your family is craving for dinner, you can depend on us for quick and easy options. Begin the school year on the right foot by avoiding the fast food drive-thru and relying on Publix to help with smarter nutrition choices.  Enjoy one of our tasty dinner options tonight so you can spend the free moments with your family instead of in the kitchen. Publix respects your time and we make it easy for you because helping you is what we love to do.

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