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Limitless Opportunities at Academy at the Lakes

One afternoon following Academy at the Lakes’ first football state championship, a group of teachers saw a student, Alex, walking across campus after practice. Alex was still in his uniform, dirty from head to toe—but with a spring in his step. Under one arm he held a stack of books, his football helmet dangling from his fingers. In his other hand was his viola case.

Turning to each other, the teachers chorused in unison: “That’s Academy!”

But it was no surprise. It is simply the way things are at the small but powerful school that offers its students limitless opportunities.

At Academy at the Lakes, we know that students deserve to explore multiple ways of learning through outstanding teaching in the classroom and extracurricular experiences that are available and accessible to all students. Our “You Matter Here” culture allows students to embrace the unexpected discoveries that come from exposure to new activities and experiences. This culture guides students to the realization that certain values lead to success across diverse platforms, and that openness, collaboration, communication and hard work bring accomplishment and happiness.

So, what can a student accomplish when presented with limitless opportunities and the support of their school? Ask our alumni! They can be found at Yale, Brown, Duke, NYU, Vanderbilt and UF. They are Division I athletes, scientists, doctors, artists, researchers and entrepreneurs. In 2020, over 30% of graduating Academy seniors earned full four-year college scholarship offers. Over 14% of graduating Academy athletes are offered opportunities to play at the collegiate level, more than double the national average. Every graduating senior is prepared to pursue a path that they became passionate about through the limitless opportunities they had in school.

academy at the lakes

Academy students are tackling today’s challenges. When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, two Academy alumni and Duke undergrads, Anmol Warman ‘18 and Pranav Warman ’16, made a discovery. Using their passions for STEM and research developed through their experiences at Academy from pre-school through graduation, the two brothers created a new way to identify the presence of COVID-19. By combining artificial intelligence with CT scans of a patient’s lung, the students’ program correctly identified the presence of COVID-19 with a 98% accuracy rate, far outpacing the rate of nasal swab tests.

Academy at the Lakes’ culture and curriculum are centered around core strengths that help our students succeed in the 21st-century academic arena, workplace and global market. We offer a unique approach that places importance on balance and high standards that are nurturing, flexible and inspiring. The school’s beautiful lakeside campus offers PreK through 12th graders abundant time outdoors and a scenic backdrop that contributes to what we call “The Joy in the Journey.”

If you and your student are ready for an approach to school where opportunities today open tomorrow’s doors, you found the right school. At Academy at the Lakes, limitless opportunities lead to limitless potential.

*Photos provided by Academy at the Lakes

Originally published in April 2021

Mark Heller
Mark Heller
Mark Heller is Head of School at Academy at the Lakes, a PK3 – 12th grade independent school in Land O’Lakes that serves students from Hillsborough and Pasco Counties.

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