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Live Clean Baby Moisturizing Baby Bath

I am always on the lookout for economical products that help my family lead a healthy lifestyle. Due to the cost of most organic baby cleansers we have used non-organic soaps up until two weeks ago when we started using Live Clean Baby Moisturizing Baby Bath. For years I have heard my friends talk about the newest and best cleansing products out there that are eco-friendly and organic, but with three children that are bathed daily, I couldn’t justify the cost. This is not the case anymore. Live Clean products are found at Walgreens and are priced at $7.99 each.

My favorite thing about the baby wash is how good my children smell after their bath and well into the next day. I also love the fact that it creates bubbles, which is not usually the case with organic cleansing products. For some reason, bubbles make me feel like they are getting clean. Although this line was created for babies, I used it on my four and two year old girls along with my three month old. Since the products are tear free, I am looking forward to purchasing the bar soap so the girls can feel more grown up without the risk of tears from using Mommy’s soap. For some reason, no matter how many times I tell them not to use my soap on their faces they always do and then the screaming and crying starts when it gets into their eyes.

The baby bath gently moisturizes and cleanses, leaving your child’s skin feeling soft and smooth. This natural formula is made with purified water and enriched with certified organic botanicals of chamomile, lavender and aloe.

All of the Live Free Baby products are:
*98% Plant Ingredients
*Petroleum Free

*SLS Free
*Tear Free
*Paraben & Phthalate Free
*Pediatrician Tested

The collection consists of:
*Tearless Shampoo and Wash
*Moisturizing Baby Lotion
*Non-Petroleum Jelly
*Diaper Ointment
*Moisturizing Bar Soap

I am very happy with this product and I definitely recommend it to you.

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