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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Martini Family Challenge

The Martini Family started when I moved back to America from London and met my husband our senior year in High School. We fell in love very fast and before we could believe it we were married and our family had started. After a little over 3 years being married the family already consist of a 8month old girl Coral a 1y 9month old boy Charlie, and a 3 year old girl Crystal, with their parents Charles and Tara both being 21years old.

We have had a crazy last couple of years, trying to just keep roof over everyone’s head and electricity on. With my husband losing his job, not being able to find another and me not being able to work since it would cost more than I would make to put these kids into a daycare while I am working. We never have any money to do anything fun, not even Gasparilla since we couldn’t afford the gas and parking nor a bus ticket for us all. The only time we can ever do anything fun it seems is if a set of Grandparents decides to pay.

We would be very excited if we won this prize please consider us when picking the winner.

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