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Merry Making: Snow-inspired activities to get your Florida kids in the spirit of the season

December in Tampa is filled with blue skies, festivals and movies in the park. But the palm trees and bay views can make it hard to get into a winter state of mind. Here are some fun snow-inspired activities that will get your Florida kids in the spirit of the season and keep their minds curious this winter break!

  1. Make Your Own Snow

This science experiment is sure to be a crowd pleaser with the kiddos. Follow this super simple recipe for sensory snow that’s fluffy and cold, just like real snow. All you need is 4 cups of frozen baking soda and 2-4 cups of shaving cream. Put the baking soda in the freezer a few hours beforehand. When you’re ready to begin, pour the frozen shaving scream into a sensory bin or bucket and start to slowly add in shaving cream, mixing it as you go until you reach your desired consistency. When your snowy fun is wrapping up, pour vinegar on the snow to watch it foam.

2. DIY Snow Globe

Snow globes can be a fun and whimsical tribute to winter. Start with a clear, lidded container like a mason jar. Pick your favorite wintery figurine like a snowman or evergreen tree and glue it to the inside of the lid. Then simply fill the jar with baby oil or water and a pinch of glitter for a fun keepsake or gift. 

Merry Making

3. Polar Bear Blubber

How do polar bears stay warm? Instead of telling the kids, show them with this fun arctic experiment. You’ll need a bucket of ice water, latex gloves or an empty plastic bag, and a jar of shortening. First, kiddos should submerge their hands in the ice water to feel how cold it really is. Once your little learners put on gloves, coat their hands in shortening and submerge their hands again to simulate the protective insulation of polar bear blubber.

4. Penguin Science

Teach your kids how penguins stay dry. This experiment is all about how water glides off a penguin’s waxy coat. Start by coloring a penguin in crayon (there are tons of free printables online so you won’t have to freehand). It needs to have full and thick coverage for the crayon wax to do its job. Next, drip or spray water (dye it with food coloring for added drama) and watch it bead and glide off the wax. 

I hope you have fun trying these winter break activities. For more snowy fun, join the Glazer Children’s Museum for Merry Makers Winter Camp or build your own creation at our Gingerbread Village all December!

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