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Moms to KNOW: Lindsay Hernandez | Christian Michael Hernandez Foundation


Lindsay’s purpose became fervent in 2016, when her son passed away in her arms. Christian Michael Hernandez Foundation was established with one goal in mind: to be a light in this world, through the provision of unconditional kindness.

Making a profound impact globally, Hernandez’ “Be the Light Project” meets the needs of her community, impoverished nations, foreign and domestic foster care, schools, missionaries, and the homeless. Advocating for bereaved families, she implements support programs within medical and healthcare communities, striving to make a difference by impacting lives and circumstances of others, one good deed at a time.

Recognized by local and national media, Hernandez’ initiatives, especially her annual “Kindness for Christian Day,” are celebrated, as she challenges others to commit deliberate acts of love. Balancing her career as a real estate professional and education specialist, she is also a public speaker, published author, wife to her beloved and a mother on a mission to make this world a kinder place by keeping the good going.


Lindsay, why is it so important for you to help other families? How are you instilling this same message of empathy with your own child?

I truly believe one of life’s greatest joys comes from unconditional love, and I have always found service and giving to be a love-language of mine. The fulfillment which comes from knowing someone’s circumstances have been made a little brighter because of something I was able to offer or do is unparalleled for me. Often, stemming from a small intuition or conviction to act, it usually requires so very little to actually make a difference. It is important to me, my responsibility really, to utilize my abilities and resources in the most meaningful ways. We are all blessed with individual gifts which, when shared, can multiply exponentially. Recently, our oldest son received an award at school where he was recognized for his thankfulness and compassion toward others. Mike and I truly believe that teaching our children the importance of unconditional kindness will result in their own growth as empaths and spark their hearts to seek out a love for philanthropy and the need to bless others, our community and our world, one good deed at a time.

How can local families help you with your mission?

We cherish community involvement and support of all kinds! Our goal is to act as a liaison between those who have a need and resources. Local families and individuals can help our mission: to be a light in the world through the provision of unconditional kindness, by sharing our foundation and our calls-to-action with others. For example, each year on Feb.25, we celebrate his birthday with our annual “Kindness for Christian Day!” This is a day when anyone can perform a deliberate act of kindness and help us grow our Be the Light Project by telling us about it. We wholeheartedly believe that kindness breeds more kindness and by sharing the love and unconditional good taking place in our community, we hope others will feel inspired as well.  Families can partner side by side with us during activities and volunteer efforts which happen throughout the year or by donating to our foundation through our website to help us keep the good going.

Like many moms, you are balancing your career, family, friends and philanthropy–what helps your family find that balance?

I have learned when you take on a task which stems from a purpose or passion, the hours spent dedicated to the initiative or work involved can be overwhelming, creating an imperative need for balance! For me, my faith and my family help to offer a chance to re-focus and re-center. Finding time for a devotional has always helped me to balance my thoughts and my heart and making time to date my husband and our boys is good for my soul!

What are some of your favorite ways to spend time together as a family in Tampa Bay? 

We love to go adventuring around Tampa Bay on family dates keeping some of our favorite places and restaurants in rotation. We really like learning of new ways to support local, growing businesses and introducing our children to new activities and sharing our love of food. Some of the best times have been spent spontaneously just seeing where the day takes us. That’s one of the things we love most about where we live: there are always ways to make some of the sweetest memories we will ever get to share.

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Julie Tingley
Julie Tingley
Julie Tingley introduced the KNOW Women community to Tampa Bay, and founded Wee Macree, a purpose-driven brand for kids. She is a 10-year Tampa transplant who has found her way through many professional and parenting transitions by maintaining focus on her vision of a better future for, and daily inspiration, her daughters Ella and Kate.

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