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Moms to KNOW: November 2019

Today’s mother is anything she wants to be. What defines a family is no longer bound to the traditions of decades past. Today’s mother may observe cultural expectations, but her family may not sit down for dinner together every night because she is running three restaurants with 200 employees. Today’s mother may be raising her children on her own, and she may also be at the helm of no less than three major entrepreneurial endeavors all before the age of 30. While there is no perfect representation of who a mother is or how she raises her children, the “why” is what unites women. When I think of the different stories of the ladies of the KNOW Book + Tribe and the passion, persistence and mindfulness they demonstrate in motherhood, I feel honored to bear witness to these two moms that have rewritten the story of success so that their families get the best of who they are. 


The Traveling Cheetah, Adriana Pappas Jewelry Designs

AN Italian-American 36-year-old entrepreneur, travel blogger and proud mother, Adriana Pappas has spent her life surrounded by restaurants and in the hospitality industry. Pappas is the proprietor of multiple restaurant concepts in the Bay area including her most recent addition, Beachwood Seafood Kitchen in Oldsmar.  

In addition to owning and operating the Meat Up Restaurant Group, Pappas has established her own accessories line, known as Adriana Pappas Jewelry Designs. This year has been dedicated to building her brand, which is now available on her website, in retailers across the United States and even in Tokyo. 

Pappas credits some of her recent success to her blog, “The Traveling Cheetah,” which began eight years ago. When she discovered that a growing Instagram audience took interest in her love for fashion and travel, she found the very thing that merged her past and present experiences and allowed her creativity to flourish.

Her greatest role and achievement began three years ago when her son was born. The busy mom admits it’s not easy to find balance between career and motherhood, and with the challenges of today’s world, being a working mom can be overwhelming. She has found that it does take a village, and a key part of her parenting style involves being present, staying organized and planning for tomorrow. 

Pappas lives by the quote: “Dream, believe, and achieve and it will become your reality.”

Photo credit: Allison Cooling, Quiet Lion Creations


She Advisors, KUUR Health

Taylor Precourt is a visionary entrepreneur who transitioned swiftly from employee to entrepreneur against all odds. Her magnetic personality, fearless mindset and willingness to learn set the sails for Precourt to reach past her circumstance. Having become a mother at the age of 15, she worked tirelessly to ensure her opportunities in life were not short changed by society’s views on teen pregnancy. As a single #Mamapreneur, Precourt managed to go from front desk to director in four years, jumping from corporate life to full-time entrepreneurship by the age of 28.

With over a decade of enterprise leadership experience, she is the founder and managing director of SHE Advisors, a Fractional (& Female) Execute Firm. SHE Advisors deploys tenured female executives into start-up, mid-size and enterprise companies looking to organize, optimize and scale. Additionally, Precourt is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare, raising capital for her medtech startup, KUUR Health, a membership-based primary care provider dedicated to serving people, not insurance providers, and to bringing a high-touch and high-tech approach to primary care.

When it comes to working mom advice Precourt says, “You can’t do it all; that’s a myth. However, you CAN do all the important stuff, and you must prioritize and organize. Mom guilt is a real thing and must be managed, just as we would our time. Remember you are enough, and the most important role of a mom is to raise kind children. Don’t lose sight of that.”

Photo credit: The Mannix Company


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Julie Tingley
Julie Tingley
Julie Tingley introduced the KNOW Women community to Tampa Bay, and founded Wee Macree, a purpose-driven brand for kids. She is a 10-year Tampa transplant who has found her way through many professional and parenting transitions by maintaining focus on her vision of a better future for, and daily inspiration, her daughters Ella and Kate.

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