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Friday, December 2, 2022

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Music to my Ears…..

Mila playin some tunes

When I started singing at the age of 7, my parents always said that “I have never been the same since.” They also said that “I found myself.” I guess “something was missing,” lol. So when my husband and I got pregnant last year and announced that we were having a girl, my dad immediately started talking about the possibility of her being a performer. My poor child does not stand a chance! At 20 weeks gestation she was hearing me sing on stage about 2-3 times a week. I even joked that she would probably come out saying “Mom would you shut up already!” So naturally, I try to expose her to as much music as possible. No shame here! I am also trying to get her toys that require her to make the majority  of the noise rather than technology. Our newest toy is the “Piccolo Carousel Bells.” Although it is for 3 year olds, I have throughly enjoyed watching her make her own music. I definitely would not leave her unsupervised with this toy, but to sit and play together is tons of fun. She loves to make it spin and watch the colors revolve in front of her. Definitely an attention getter. Their website even has song charts-I can only imagine how much fun this will be when she is older….

B. Carousel Bells, Piccalo

Ages: 3-13
Meets all USA and Canadian Safety Standards
Phthalate and BPA Free
Price: 26.29 at Target

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