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New Year, New Home – Building a Brand New House with Kids

With so many beautiful subdivisions under construction throughout Tampa Bay, many families may be dreaming of a new home in their future. If your family is considering a new build in 2020 or beyond, here are some tips to make the transition to your dream home a smooth, family-friendly adventure.

  1. Get your kids excited and inspired for what lies ahead.

Visit model homes with your children and let your kids look at floor plan documents to imagine where their bedrooms will be and how furniture might be arranged. For the grownups, get excited but be sure not to get too lost in the model home’s beautiful design before consulting your budget. Many of the features of model homes are upgrades that may not be included in base sales prices. Fortunately, adding premium elements (like a swimming pool) to your new home’s design can increase its value, so upgrades your family can afford could be worth the investment.

  1. Know the rules of visiting the construction site.

Watching your new home being built from the ground up can be very exciting, but construction sites can be a dangerous place for adults and children. Maintain open communication with your builder regarding when you can visit and consider leaving children with a sitter and sharing photos of the progress with them as the process unfolds.

  1. Allow your children to select their bedroom colors. 

One of the most exciting aspects of being the first family to live in a new home is selecting your flooring and paint options and seeing the home come to life. Include your children in the selection process with paint swatches and flooring samples, and if you’re daring enough to have electric blue walls, allow them to personalize their room with their unique style.

  1. Build in an area with high-ranking schools.

If your kids will attend public school, do your research and consider building your home in a high-ranking school district. While neighborhoods in top districts tend to be a bit more expensive, research shows that homes in these areas have a higher resale value and tend to sell faster, too.

  1. Explore options to ease the stress of moving.

When it comes to timing the sale of your existing home with the completion of your new home, schedules can be challenging. Weather and availability of supplies can make your move-in date a moving target, causing your family to have to “double-move” or find a temporary place to live. With Opendoor’s Builder Trade-Up program, we’ve partnered with some of Tampa Bay’s leading home builders to make it possible to sell your existing home and move into a brand-new home in a single, seamless process. Visit to learn more about the program that allows you to sell your current home and line up all the timelines and logistics with a newly-built home. 

Interested in ‘trading up’ or simply finding out what you can sell your current home for today?  Visit and request a no-obligation, fair market value cash offer on your current home, which you’ll receive within 24 hours. 

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