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Thursday, December 1, 2022

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Importance of Good Nutrition for New Moms

Your bundle of joy has finally arrived! Keeping a focus on good nutrition is just as critical as when you were pregnant, especially if you are breastfeeding. You will need energy to keep you going through those sleepless and selfless moments, protein to help you heal and rebuild tissues, and vitamins and minerals to support overall good health.

Therefore, when it comes to eating after giving birth, here are your top 5 tips:

  1. Eat a balanced diet, which includes consuming a wide variety of foods from all the food groups and being smart about your portions.
  2. Aim for nutritious foods such as lean meat, low fat or nonfat dairy products, fruits, vegetables and whole grain breads and cereals.
  3. Aim for 3 cups each of vegetables (for fiber, vitamins and iron), fruits (for energy, vitamins and water) and lowfat dairy foods (for calcium and vitamin D), daily.
  4. Eat 7 ounces each of whole grains and of protein foods such as meat, fish or poultry, or beans or lentils, tofu or soy, eggs or nuts.
  5. Drink approximately 8-12 cups of fluid, with the majority being water. Nursing moms should drink 1 cup of water each time they nurse.

These steps will help ensure that you give your body what it needs and it will help you to produce quality breast milk for your baby.

This is not the time to skip meals. In fact, your body will not let you forget thanks to those intense hunger signals! It would be great to prepare every meal at home but, let’s be honest, your first two weeks (maybe more) will be spent getting you and your baby into some routine. Cooking may be on the back burner, but making convenient, nutritious choices is now easier than ever, thanks in part to things such as frozen convenient meals.

One good option is called Wildscape, and it brings you tasty meals ready in under 6 minutes made with wholesome, nutrient-rich ingredients including 12-24 grams of protein, hearty whole grains, vibrant vegetables and exciting culinary sauces. It’s a great go-to for helping you hit most of those nutritional goals as a new mom. So find that moment (or two!), during the day to do something good for your body, mind and soul.

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