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Providing care for our tiniest patients at Oak Hill Hospital

Neonatal Intensive Care opening spring 2020

For 36 years, Oak Hill Hospital has provided compassionate, high quality care to families. Every year, we invest in our community and expand the services provided to keep our families close to home, their family, friends and doctors.

In 2016, we were fortunate to open The Maternity Suites at Oak Hill Hospital with private suites for families to room in together, to bond with their baby, and to enjoy their most life changing, memorable experience of becoming parents for the first time or expanding their growing family.

With the opening of our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in spring 2020, we will be able to provide care for our tiniest patients. These 10 private suites allow baby, mom, dad or support person to stay with baby. We know that bonding with their baby right from the beginning is so important for families, and we are thrilled they will do so in a private, secure setting.

Our team of nationally board certified NICU nurses are ready to provide complex expert nursing care for babies.

Meet some of our team members:

Debra Peck, RN

Perinatal and NICU Nurse for 35 years, Charge Nurse at Oak Hill Hospital

“We will have all private rooms for our patients. We know babies get better faster when mom and dad are both here to take care of them. When your child—especially your newborn baby—is in the hospital, you want to be close to them and not have to travel away from your family, friends and doctors. Private rooms allow parents to bond with their baby, it reduces the parents’ anxiety and it provides a home atmosphere for the family. It is the greatest feeling to take care of these babies. When you have a mom and dad and they are just so grateful, you feel like you made a positive impact on their life; they’re going to remember you and you’re going to remember them.”

Kathy Levic, RN

Perinatal and NICU Nurse for 35 years, Charge Nurse at Oak Hill Hospital

“I attend a birthday party every single day that I work. It is an honor to be here when the baby takes its very first breath. One special story is when I signed a footprint shirt of the dad, and then he had a baby and I signed the footprint certificate for his baby. I said to him “come back and we’ll sign the next one.” In terms of a great grandparent, I would be a “great-great nurse.” To be a part of a special day is just very rewarding, and I cannot imagine doing anything else.

Reema Rogers RN

Perinatal and NICU Nurse for 10 years, Charge Nurse at Oak Hill Hospital

“Although our NICU has 10 private rooms where parents stay with baby, there may be a time when a parent needs to leave the NICU. We will offer a NicView™ camera system where parents can securely view their baby from home. I think Oak Hill Hospital is unique because we have such a great team. I’ve worked with many of these nurses and physicians for many years and we know how to come together and work well together to provide the highest level of care for our most vulnerable patients.”


Raquel Ferreira, MSN, RNC-NIC
Raquel Ferreira, MSN, RNC-NIC
Raquel Ferreira is the Director of Women’s & Children’s Services at Oak Hill Hospital. She has been a Perinatal and NICU Nurse for 29 years.

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