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24/7 Pediatric Care At Your Fingertips…How Does It Work?

The future of pediatric care is here NOW! Blueberry Pediatrics is a pediatric telemedicine service which combines the newest technology with board-certified pediatricians to offer families effective, affordable and service-oriented pediatric care from the comfort of their home. With the touch of a button, parents can get answers: anywhere, anytime.

But how does it really work? Here are answers to the top 5 questions we often receive…

How do I reach a doctor?

Contacting a Blueberry doctor is easy! First you setup an account here and tell the doctors more about your family. Next, you’ll schedule a short video intro call with the chief pediatrician, which helps us get to know your children and their medical history, and gets you acquainted with the doctors and how the service will help you when you need us. When you need a sick visit, you simply go onto the website from your phone or computer, click Start Visit and you’ll get a call back from a doctor. Or, if you have a quick question, such as “My 7 year old has been complaining about his stomach hurting for a few days, but he’s eating just fine and otherwise seems normal. I think it may be constipation. Any remedies you can recommend?” you can also just go onto the messaging app on the website. Either way, response time from a board-certified pediatrician is 60 minutes or less

How will the doctor know if my child is sick?

Blueberry’s doctors are both trained pediatricians and mothers themselves, so they have the experience to know how to diagnose common childhood illnesses. When you create a sick visit online you’ll answer some simple questions to determine your child’s symptoms, and then you’ll speak with the doctor further by phone. Members also receive a testing toolkit which includes a digital thermometer, a pulse oximeter and smart otoscope, which in many cases will help you and your doctor diagnose your child’s condition. From the comfort of your home, you’ll get answers and peace of mind.

What if one day one of my children is sick and three days later my other child is sick, will I be charged twice?

Never! Blueberry Pediatrics offers unlimited care for unlimited children in your household.

What does the membership include?

We understand that your child’s health can’t wait until tomorrow, which is why Blueberry never sleeps! The service is ALWAYS available 24/7, and the response time is ALWAYS 1 hour or less from a board-certified pediatrician. No germ-filled urgent care waiting rooms, no co-pays, and no appointment necessary. Membership starts at only $20 for Macaroni Kid subscribers and includes UNLIMITED care 24/7 for your entire household of children, plus the testing toolkit ($80 value).

What if I’m traveling outside of Florida, can Blueberry still care for my children?

Blueberry Pediatrics is available to Florida residents only at this time, but as long as you reside in Florida, you can take Blueberry with you anywhere in the US. And there is no such thing as after hours, Blueberry is here for you ALL hours of the day. Travelling with children has never been easier when it feels like you have a doctor in the family!


To take advantage of Blueberry Pediatrics’ $20/month membership exclusive to Tampa Bay Parenting readers, please click here.



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