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Friday, December 2, 2022

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Tips to Prepare Parents of Preschoolers

When your baby isn’t a baby anymore and preschool is looming, you might be thinking of how to prepare your child for their first day. Once the proud preschooler is ready for all of the action, it is the parents that are often unprepared. Here are some tips to help parents with the transition:

1.Don’t sneak away on the first day. You will be tempted to drop off your child and try to phase yourself out, but this can leave both you and your child feeling lost. Make sure to have a talk with your child about leaving them there on the first day, and follow through.

2.Talk to yourself. This might sound crazy, but if you give yourself a pep talk before the first day, or repeat to yourself that this is important and healthy for your child, it will improve your mood. Your child will pick up on your calm attitude and will follow suit.

3. Resist the urge to “pop by”. Stopping by disrupts your child’s routine and prevents you from being able to accomplish your daily goals and tasks. If you find that you are really struggling with wanting to stop by and check on your little one, enroll yourself in a class or schedule things during the times you are most tempted. Even if it means having to change your route, don’t pop in for a visit.

4. Get to know the staff. Make sure that you know and communicate with your child’s teachers and any other staff that will be working with your child. Know who they are before the first day, so that if you have any concerns you know who to contact.

5. Make friends with other future preschooler’s parents. You can share your anxieties, excitement, and ideas with them, and with your children in preschool you might even have time to relax and get a cup of coffee together!

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