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Princess Power 101: It’s Back to School for Tampa Bay’s Royal Hopefuls

In the kingdom of Tampa Bay, princesses-to-be are gearing up for another session of Princessing 101. Instructor and Parties With Character co-founder Karrie Mueller presides over the select group of young women, all who passed an initial acting and singing audition to qualify for the class. These chosen few will entertain and inspire children at birthday parties and special events across the Bay Area.

Mueller peppers the women with questions, and it quickly becomes clear that being a princess isn’t just a posh existence.

How does a princess curtsy?

How do you address your subjects?

Is being a princess easy?

The last question can be answered in unison by all in attendance: ‘no.’ As role models for young girls, Mueller says, it’s ever-important that princesses share with their tiny subjects a message of inspiration and courage. That includes the realization of beauty as more than skin-deep.

“Wearing a frilly dress doesn’t determine your success in life,” says Mueller, herself a former princess at Walt Disney World. “A princess should be admired for her treatment of others and her self-confidence.”

Mueller and co-founder Laura Byrne formed the Parties With Character troupe in the Spring of 2016 under that premise. Each attended Tampa princess parties in the past where the princess entertainment pranced around in cheap Halloween costumes, talking of princes and castles and nothing of substance. They agreed that a ‘girl power’ element was sorely lacking. They decided to train their own princess squad and dress them to the nines. Parties with Character

Those who make the cut are outfitted in custom made couture gowns and realistic, high quality wigs. Their ranks are full of favorites: Ice Princesses, Frog Princess, Rapunzel, Cinderella and more. Even Princess Beauty, who tells her little partygoers that a beautiful spirit is what counts.

“That saying ‘with power comes accountability’ is so true,” Mueller says. “Our party princesses are empowering little girls across Tampa Bay.”

For more information regarding which princesses are available and to book a Tampa princess party, visit or check out their Facebook page at

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