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Put Safety in the Front Seat

The summer months mean so many things to many people and is an exciting time of year for everyone. For kids, it means no school and for moms and dads it means planning, lots of planning. The month of June sees the start of Student Safety Month; really, that’s just a formal designation as student safety is good all year long.

Student Safety Month was started to increase awareness of safety and of making sound decisions following occasions such as graduations, parties, senior proms, and other special events. The purpose is to encourage young people to not drink and drive and to use good judgment during celebratory periods.
The awareness month was started in 1998 by Carole Copeland Thomas, whose son was tragically killed in a car crash in 1997, after drinking and driving after leaving a friend’s birthday party. Thomas started to bring awareness just a month after the accident, by encouraging organizations and communities to initiate safety activities or to enhance safety initiatives already in place.

As part of this ongoing initiative, members of LiveFree! Youth Clubs will be participating in the Florida Teen Safe Driving Coalition (FTSDC) Leadership Academy at All Children’s Hospital.  Students will get hands-on experience on staying focused on the road. The three-day event, which was organized by Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD), attracted teenagers from all over the state.

If you have influence over an adolescent or practicing adult, please share with them the importance of safety planning and making sound decisions that could save their lives, or the lives of others.

So remember, as you buckle-up and brace for summer, celebrate the start of this season with safety in the front seat and distractions in the rear view.

About LiveFree! Coalition: LiveFree! Coalition raises awareness about the harmful effects of   substance abuse among children, young adults and adults in Pinellas County. By offering training, advocacy, town hall meetings, a Speaker’s Bureau, environmental strategies and awareness events, LiveFree! encourages Pinellas County families to live safe, healthy and drug-free. For more information, visit the blog at  or Facebook page

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