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Reading and Writing Resolutions – Seven of Our Favorite Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Reading in the New Year

Together, let’s make 2020 the year your child begs you for books!

One of the most satisfying feelings for any parent is when you can make reading and writing fun! You’ll need to be creative—and at Hillsborough County Public Schools, we’re here to help.

We’ve put together seven of our favorite ways to get your child excited about reading and writing in the new year:

  • Make a video of your child reading. We’re living in a YouTube world. Children love to see themselves on video. So why not record them reading a book out loud? You could even make a video library of all the books they’ve read. It’ll be fun to see how far they progress.
  • Help your child organize a book club for kids. Many children get a boost when they interact with each other around books. It greatly enhances their comprehension and makes it much more fun. Help your child organize their book club by inviting friends, choosing a book and then meeting once a month to talk about it.
  • Start a reading challenge (with a really cool reward). Challenge your child to read a series of books and then reward them with a trip that coincides with the theme. For example, once they finish the Harry Potter series, reward them with a trip to Universal to explore The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Or, once they read four Dogman books, take them on a trip to the Humane Society to visit the puppies.
  • Make reading a “special time” between you and your child. For many parents, quality time with our children is precious—especially in a home with more than one child. Block off a chunk of time for just you and your child to sit down together, quietly, and read a book and discuss it. Don’t allow any interruptions. This is special time between you and your child.
  • Turn your child’s stories into books. A child is going to be much more inclined to write something if they can show off the finished product. There are some great websites that will print and bind your child’s writing into a book (check out Along the same lines, encourage your child to write a poem and then put it in a frame to hang on the wall.
  • Give your child an audience. Writing is way more fun when you get to share it. Have a writing party or get other parents involved and set up a Writing Jam. Create a stage and let the kids take turns reading their work. Or, encourage them to write a play and perform it.
  • Create a writing toolbox. Make sure your child has all the tools they need to create their masterpiece. Create a tray filled with paper, pencils, a sharpener, erasers and anything else they need to spark their creativity. Additionally, create a reading nook. Make a really inviting space ONLY for reading. Make sure it’s in a quiet spot, with a lot of pillows and blankets.

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