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Ready, Set, Summer! Lunchbox Ideas for Road Trips

Some of our favorite memories that we’ve made as a family have been on road trips. We’ve enjoyed several trips from Tampa to North Carolina to Rhode Island and most recently, to St. Augustine. Wherever you go when you hit the road, try some of these lunchbox tips to keep your passengers happy and yourself sane!

Lunch Box Ideas for Road trips by Lunchbox Mafia


  • Along with chips or granola bars, grab some easy-to-peel fruit like bananas or mandarins. They’re perfectly portable in their own packaging and so refreshing when you start to feel tired.
  • Pick up a gallon or pack of water. Staying properly hydrated keeps everyone’s mood in check and you can stock the fridge or cooler when you arrive at your destination.
  • Bring your cooler. You’ll need it if you’re camping or hitting the beach. Refill the cooler using the ice machine at your hotel.
  • Pack a lunchbox. My lunchboxes always come in so handy on road trips and long days out. Besides saving money, you can eliminate stopping for food.

Lunch Box Ideas for Road trips by Lunchbox Mafia Snacks


These are always in my pantry or in my cart. Most of these are organic, lower in sugar or sodium and taste great!

  • Nature’s Bakery fig bars: They come in so many flavors and taste so good. Pick these up at Publix or Target.
  • Frozen Uncrustables and Soozy’s grain free muffins: These are available at Whole Foods and will thaw out just in time for snacktime.
  • YumEarth Sour Giggles: If your kiddo must have sour candies, try these. They have no artificial dyes, are non-GMO and made with simple ingredients. Find them at Sprouts, Whole Foods and in Downtown New Port Richey at Wright’s Natural Market.


  • PackIt Freezable lunchbags: The bag itself is an ice pack! You freeze it first and then pack your lunch inside. Everything stays cool and fresh. PackIt is available at Walmart, Target and Amazon.
  • Lunchskins are reusable and washable snack bags and they are fantastic! Instead of buying individual bags of snacks, pack pretzels or goldfish crackers from your pantry in these Velcro secure pouches. Available on Amazon.

You’ll find links to these in my bio at @lunchboxmafia on Instagram!

Hey mom and dad! 

  • Get an oil change, check your tires and pack the jumper cables. Nothing provides peace of mind like loading up friends and family in a dependable ride.
  • Budget stops into your driving schedule for bathroom breaks and stretching or walking.
  • Bring sanitizer or wipes, a can of disinfectant spray and a roll of paper towels for the car. Your future self will thank you!
  • Don’t forget the kids’ favorite toy, pillow or naptime blanket.
  • Remember blue light blockers and chargers for everyone’s phones and tablets, including yours.
  • Double check you have the necessary medications, allergy meds or vitamins.
  • Always keep a first aid kit on hand.

Take only memories and leave only footprints. Happy travels!

*photos by Jenny P.

Originally published in July 2021

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