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Monday, January 30, 2023

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Review of Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters by Social Mom Rachel Long

The Lunch Punch transport shape sandwich cutters are cute, easy to use and dishwasher safe. I had previously been using regular cookie cutters to cut toast and sandwiches into fun shapes for my picky two and four year old children. The four year old refuses to eat crusts and the two year old pretty much refuses to eat anything. The cookie cutters got the kids to eat their sandwiches, but I was wasting a lot of bread and it is really hard to clean peanut butter out of the grooves of a traditional cookie cutter. The Lunch Punch doesn’t waste any of the bread, only the crust is cut away and there are no small grooves to clean sticky substances out of. The girls love helping me cut their sandwiches into the shapes of their choice and showing off thier unique sanwiches during lunchtime at school. They are easy for little hands to use. All they have to do is press down firmly and wiggle the cutter back and forth a couple of times. The Lunch Punch is also taller than our cookie cutters so it cuts through two pieces of bread easily without flattening the sandwich. The transport set comes with a car, jet, truck with detachable cargo and a train with a caboose. Our favorite this week is the jet. You can purchase this set along with others on Amazon for $14.50. It is a great birthday present for toddlers and moms.

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