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Seven Olympic Games for the Kids

Every four years, the Summer Olympics provide a perfect excuse to get the family together for some fun activities. So grab the whole family and a few friends, and break into teams.

Before the games begin make sure to create team outfits. Be creative but make sure everyone has on the same color to avoid confusion. The easiest way to create team uniforms is to use paint or fabric markers to add your team name and team color.

  1. The first Olympic game you can incorporate is backyard games is gymnastics. You will need a water based athletic field paint to make a straight line. After painting a straight line, encourage family members to do difficult moves all while staying on the line created by the paint. Include some impressive moves into each routine (such as cartwheels or other flips, walking backwards and hopping on one foot.)
  2. Up next is water volleyball. I know, it isn’t exactly an Olympic sport but it gets the kids out of the heat and combines two great sports. Split the pool in half and add a volleyball net. Explain to everyone that the steps are out of bounds so no one gets hurt. The first one to score 5 points wins.
  3. For the third event teams will showcase their synchronized swimming skills by taking about 10 minutes to come up with a routine. Choose a friend whose not competing to be a judge and get ready to amaze them with your awesome water acrobatics skills.
  4. Swimming, a sport, that has been around since the Stone Age, is a must do for your Olympic family games. Have each team line up with the smallest person to the tallest with the smallest swimming the shortest length and choose from one of the following styles backstroke, butterfly, freestyle and relay. For kids who aren’t as great swimmers allow them to use kick boards and floaties.
  5. What kid doesn’t like to do a cannonball? For this contest take several members who aren’t scared of getting wet. The player that makes the biggest splash wins.
  6. Get some bean bags a hula hoop for the Bean Bag Shot put competition. Position one hoop six feet away from the first thrower. Then have players take turns tossing a bean bag into the ring. Each team member takes four tosses and scores one point for every bag the lands in the hoop.
  7. You don’t need a horse to compete in horse raises. Buy two horse sticks and set up an easy obstacle course with cones. Teammates one at a time race around the obstacle course until every member has completed the race. The first team to finish the fastest wins.

So you won now what? Of course with every win a trophy is great but why not do something the whole family can do together as a prize. Such as let the winners choose the movie for movie night, or the restaurant of their choosing that way everyone is a winner.

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