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Shop Smart This Cyber Monday!!

It is the end of November, which means Thanksgiving has passed and we can go back to our egotistical ways of shoving one another to buy Timmy the last Transformers toy in stock. Kidding! Kind of… There is no way to deny that these biggest sales of the year have turned the friendliest of customers into angry mobs.

Cyber Monday was created in 2005 by the National Retail Federation (NRF) as many working people continued their shopping online to make up for their inability to shop somewhere in person. It is the perfect way to avoid waking up early for doorbusters, waiting in lines, navigating through crowds, and getting in the occasional quarrel with the person who “saw it first.”

Some people dislike shopping online because they feel deceived by pictures, are not confident with the reviews, and are foreign to return policies since many stores vary when it comes to online purchases. Although these concerns are valid, most of them essentially regard the struggles of clothes shopping. I get it, you want your stiletto to fit perfectly and that dress to only be so tight, and that is something you won’t know until you can hold that object in person. If that is the case, focus on brands where you already know which sizes look good on you. Or, go to the store and try on items, place them in your online shopping cart when you’re at a computer, and be ready to check out before that button down goes out of stock.

When it comes to any item, make sure you insert it into your shopping cart. This way you can keep track of how much money you are spending total. It is easy to get caught up! Then during your lunch break or after work, you will waste no time at all at check out.

Where do you start? Check out DealNews dish about their top 5 online stores to shop this Cyber Monday.

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