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Friday, August 19, 2022

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#ShowYourStripes – The Latest Body Positive Movement

The social media campaign #ShowYourStripes and #LoveYourLines has been sweeping across Instagram and Tumblr where women post their stretch marks. Stretch marks occur when skin is overstretched from drastic changes in the body. This can be from gaining weight to growing taller from puberty and even bodybuilding, according to Kid’s Health. Your skin has a normal production of collagen, a protein that makes the skin elastic, but these sudden changes can cause disruption, leaving scars called stretch marks. These scars can go away over time or become less visible.

Anyone can get stretch marks; it does not always apply to overweight or pregnant women, or even women of a certain color. Chrissy Teigen posted about it on her own Instagram account for the world to see that she too is not perfect. By embracing these lines, women are normalizing stretch marks against unrealistic beauty standards enforced by the media.

One Tumblr account by the name of Morningchickadee posted an upclose shot of her stretch marks. In her caption she states “I am not ‘proud’ of them and they are not ‘beautiful.’ However, I am both proud and beautiful and the marks are simply lines on my skin. They are neither ugly or pretty.”

So, take this campaign as a way to prove stretch marks as beautiful or to normalize this everyday occurrence in life that should not considered a big deal. Society is always changing its standards of beauty, sometimes jumping to extremes of hating to loving something. But one thing never goes out of style: confidence.

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