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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Sick of Looking at These 4 Walls

OK, so adventure is basically the opposite of how I describe my family. It’s not so much that we don’t want to be adventurous, but financial and time constraints keep us from really living life to its fullest. Here’s the story! My husband is wonderful. A hard working man that wants nothing more than to provide for his family, and he is currently taking classes and studying to get his project management so that he can make that dream a reality. We have a 2 – almost 3 year old daughter who thinks she is about 25. She is truly the light of our lives and we would do most anything for her. She has been the center of attention since the day she was born. So much so, that I choose not to return to the work force in the traditional since, since I was laid off from work in 2008 due to downsizing when I was 8 months pregnant. I didn’t work at all for a while (almost 2 years), It would have been nearly impossible to work when my daughter was very young, because she was colic, and I was sleep deprived. That is when my husband and I started operating on separate shifts. Did I mention that he had to have cochlear implant surgery when our daughter, Amelia, was just 4 months old? I was a very interesting 1st year to say the least. I started working nights with Home Shopping Network a little over a year ago so that we would not have to put Amelia in daycare. That means that I stay home all day because we only have 1 vehicle, and I am home all night working. Although working at home is truly a blessing, it is also a curse because I barely ever leave the house. To make matters more complicated, my husband and I now work opposite schedules with different days off, and family time is nearly non-existent. We did break down and buy Disney passes for Amelia’s 2nd birthday, but we hardly ever go since it is so far away, and finding a whole day off together is nearly impossible. That’s why I feel that Busch Gardens would be perfect for out family because it is close and we don’t have to feel committed to staying the whole day. This would truly be a blessing for our family. Thanks in advance for considering us!!

Sick of Looking at These 4 Walls

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