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Significant Summers

Summer camps are an ideal place for children to grow as individuals and form lasting bonds. Children of all ages can develop important social skills that will help them build relationships in and outside of school. By giving your child the opportunity to head off into a new, unexplored community, they will find the confidence they need to try new things, make friends, and form a sense of self.

According to Doctor Jim Taylor, parents cannot do anything tangible to create a sense of identity for their children, but rather expose them to an open-minded, diverse environment. It’s impossible to completely remove your child from the media driven society we live in today, but putting them in a camp that provides healthy activities can off-set the negative messages media can put out.

“The best way to keep your children away from unhealthy media influences is to keep them busy with healthy activities. Help them find activities that they love doing, whether academic, sports-related or in the arts, that promote healthy self-identity,” writes Doctor Taylor.

Summer camps, such as the ones that attended this year’s Summer Splash, are a perfect place for your child to be exposed to the positive, personality building situations they need. Not only are these camps great for psychological development, but they will come back with a number of terrific memories!

We all know how tough it can be adjusting to a new school, or being put in a new class with so many unfamiliar faces. Sleep away camps, like the ones offered through Circle F Dude Ranch, help children ease into the environment without the pressures of competition that can sometimes be sparked in the classroom. Once the first week of introductions and ice breakers is complete, your child will flourish and enjoy plenty of outdoor and indoor activities!

The American Camp Association says kids benefit the most from camps because, “Children are at less risk at camp where they have a sense of community, develop intergenerational relationship, and learn through first-hand experiences.”

It’s important to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle at a young age. Childhood obesity has become an increasing problem in America with more than a third of children and adolescence diagnosed, according to the CDC.  Kids are more likely to make their own health-conscious decisions when out with friends if they’re given a positive experience. Summer camps typically offer a slew of health education programs that will give your child the right impression on eating healthy and playing outside.

Summer should be all about having fun and experiencing new, exciting environments! Summer camps will provide kids with all of this, plus the added benefits of learning how to be a social, self-loving individual. Your child will be so engaged in the positive vibes of camp, they won’t even realize they’re learning important life skills at the same time!

For a list of the best summer camps, both in the Bay Area and sleep-away camps out of the area, visit

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