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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Snow Tubing In Florida

Snow Tubing In Florida

It was magical; the fact that it does not snow in Florida and this park offers the opportunity for all those who for whatever reason have not had the chance to experience snow and a snow sport.

Snow Tubing is a family or individual fun activity of riding a single, tandem, or family tube all the way down a snowy slope. Did you know you could go tubing in Florida, though? I went to Snowcat Ridge this past winter with my family located in Dade City, FL. My parents, as a way to help me process this new adventure, rented a family tube. Our very first time on the top of the hill, we all went down the slope together. This is great for first-timers to ease the anxiety that is felt when confronting new activities or situations. The reason we did Snow Tubing was to do exactly what I did, have the experience of seeing, feeling the snow and enjoy a sport I never thought to do in Florida of all places! Apprehension usually sets in when I am about to embark on new “adventures”. Through the process I was hesitant but once we all slid down on the family tube, I was Hooked! I went up the hill 35 times!


As we went down the slope my mother lost her hat! By the time the employee retrieved it, it was soaked through and through. So, here is a rundown on how things work. You get your wristband, get in line, go grab a tube of your choice, get on the escalator and ride all the way to the top. You then get off the escalator and get in line. The lines are separated by tandem tubes, family/group tubes, and single tubes. You get inside the tube and scoot to the edge and gravity does the rest. Off you go on a slippery, smooth, fast ride. There is a safety break at the end of the slope to stop your descent. You get off, pick up your tube, and repeat. The hill is 60 feet tall by 400 feet long.                                                                                          


 “After this upcoming hot Florida summer, add going to Snowcat Ridge to your winter trip list!” They open again in November 2021.


For more information click on the link below

Snowcat Ridge Alpine Park in Dade City


My name is Axell M. Rodriguez, I was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. I currently live in Land O’ Lakes, Florida with my family, including my two siblings, for the last 15 years. I have a disability called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I am a student at the Learning Academy Program at the University of South Florida, where they teach and train students on ways to obtain a job/career. After I graduate, I would like to become a writer.  I like video games, wrestling, basketball, anime, and fanfiction, which are the reasons why I became interested in writing in the first place. 


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