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Having a Splashing Time at Color Me Mine

Standing in the art room at Color Me Mine located in Hyde Park in front of several cabinet stands, each encased with five built in shelves, I felt like Gepetto choosing between which of the thousands of bisque fired figures, plates, statues, and mugs I was going to bring to life with color. Then I set my eyes on the one: a small white owl mug as the perfect addition to my coffee mug stash.

I took ceramics 1 and 2 in high school and learned from my fare-share of experiences the hardest part is creating a sculpture. I also learned even the smallest hole can be a catastrophe destroying hours of hard work when it comes time to putting it in the kiln. So when I found out I was only going to glaze the mug I was very relieved.

One of the workers Marina, helped me choose from over 60 glazes and several speckled glazes. Marina who has been working at Color Me Mine for over a year now told me about why she likes painting.

“I love how relaxing it is and how it’s easy to escape from the hustle and bustle of the world” Marina said. While working at Color Me Mine she discovered she had a hidden artistic talent.

To think ceramics is one of the most ancient industries on the planet. As early as 24,000 BC, animal and human figures were made from clay and other materials then they were fired in kilns that were dug into the ground.

As the peaceful voice of Ed Sheeran signing Thinking Out Loud hummed in the background while I applied my first coat, I couldn’t help to think of what a great place this would be for a date night. Marina said a lot of couples who do visit the men tend to get so into painting they generally take longer than their spouses. Adults 21 and up can also bring wine and snacks for their own enjoyment.

While attending on a weekday I realized it’s the perfect place to go on a lunch break or even after work for those who want a more relaxing time painting. Marina told me weekends tend to get pretty packed as it’s the perfect time to get kids out of the house. She also said that with their numerous tables and seats there’s always a place for everyone to paint.

The next step is to fire it which takes a week. So stay tuned for the finished product!

Want to attend a session visit their site.

Upcoming events: 

  • In September Color Me Mine will be holding a class called Paint Me a Story on September 7th from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30. This month features Paddington and kids can paint a Paddington while hearing the  story and eating a few snacks.
  • On September 11th wear your pajamas in to the studio and pay no studio fee when you check out.
  • Another popular event that is held every month is kid’s night out which will be held on September 17th from 6-9. Drop the kids off for pizza, painting, a movie, and fun with other kids. Paid reservation is required and space is limited.
  • Last Sunday of the month is “Family Fun Day” $25 studio fee for up to 5 family members. So load up the car and come in for some fun.

They also are great for parties.

This painting experience was paid for by Color Me Mine but all opinions expressed are my own.

About Color Me Mine Tampa is located at 1609 W. Snow Circle, Tampa, FL 33606 in Hyde Park and is owned by Naomi Mizell and Jerry Dara. They offer summer programs for kids, classes for adults, color me clay, host parties, ladies nights, kids nights, and workshops. 

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