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Dangerous School Sports

When your kids start to sign up for after-school sports, it is hard to know which ones are the most dangerous, and it is hard to know when your kids are really injured, or are just tired. Kids play hard, whether it be football, baseball, or ballet, your kids put everything they’ve got into what they are doing, which can sometimes cause stress and injuries in their bodies. According to, nearly half of all sports injuries in middle and high school students is caused from overuse, and 62 percent of all sports related injuries happen during practice.

Here is a list of the top five most dangerous after-school sports:

1.Football. With over 240,509 ER visits in 2012, according to NerdWallet Health, football takes the cake as the most dangerous sport, with players at risk of head injuries and spinal injuries.

2. Basketball. 189,562 students visited in the ER in 2012 for basketball related injuries, however it should be taken into account that basketball had the highest participation rate of students between 6 and 17.

3. Baseball or Softball. These similar sports have obvious risks, including head injuries and scrapes, and had 112,577 students visiting the ER in 2012.

4. Soccer. With just under 100,000 visits to the ER in 2012, this sport is commonly the cause of shin splints and head injuries.

5. Swimming. Coming in at just under 80,000 ER visits in 2012, swimming related injuries include everything from breathing and ear issues to muscle strain.

While these are scary statistics, they don’t have to be. Most sports related injuries in kids come from muscle pain, strains, and sprains. The difference between a sprain and a strain are fairly simple and are both easily treatable. A sprain is when there is a stretch or tear in the ligament, while a strain is an injury in a muscle or tendon. In most cases, sprains and strains can be treated by wrapping and resting the injury, as well as applying a cold compress.

If your child thinks they may have broken a bone, it is important to take your child to get an x-ray, which will be able to tell the doctor if the bone is broken or if the surrounding muscle is just sprained or strained. In a lot of sports injury cases, the doctor may also order a CT or PET scan to look at the muscles that might be affected.

So how do you prevent your child from putting such a strain on their bodies? Encourage them to take frequent breaks, and to wear protective gear. Staying hydrated will also help their muscles function properly, and making sure that they don’t spend too much time practicing and overexerting themselves is an important factor. If they do become injured while playing sports, it is important to seek medical attention. School sports are inevitable, but injuries don’t have to be.

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