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Pinellas teacher co-authors children’s book series: STEM Superheroes

STEM Superheroes Tackle Problem Solving: Pinellas Teacher Co-Authors Children’s Book Series With Purpose 

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a problem solver! 

Meet Cali Calibration, Horatio and Simon V, STEM superheroes who teach creative problem solving in terms young children can understand. Douglas L. Jamerson, Jr. Elementary School teacher Rafael Robinson co-authored the children’s series that features the “Super Sprockets” and begins with “STEM Club Trouble.” Five additional titles are in the works. 

STEM Super SprocketsRobinson and co-author Cheryl Henry see their Super Sprockets as filling a gap in children’s literature. By introducing STEM concepts through problem solving in a fun and easy way, young learners will begin to think critically. And that, Robinson says, is a must. 


“Fostering this type of education will help our students become global competitors,” he says. “Demand is increasing for highly skilled workers, and there is a lack of resources for teachers and parents to teach students STEM concepts.” 

Enter the STEM superheroes, who use their Super Sprocket Design Process to apply science, technology, engineering and mathematics strategies and discover solutions. To facilitate the learning experience, the story is aligned with the common core and features a full glossary. A ‘teach and learn’ section encourages teachers and parents to ask children guided questions about the text, and illustrations are lively and bright throughout. 

Ideally, Robinson sees his Super Sprockets spreading their superhero message in school districts and homes across the nation. Equipped with the principles of STEM, the Super Sprockets proudly exclaim “Problem solving is our super power!” as they eagerly take on new challenges. It’s a practical power that Robinson hopes all who read the book(s) will gain. 

“What we read to children is as important as how often we read to them,” Robinson says. “The Sprockets engage children and help them think critically.” 

To purchase “Stem Club Trouble” or to learn more about the series, visit 

By Amy Hammond 


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