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Saturday, December 3, 2022

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Set Sail with the Clearwater Community Sailing Center Summer Camp!

It’s time to start planning those summer activities! With that Florida sun shining, something on the water must definitely be on your list!


The Clearwater Community Sailing Center is hosting several summer camps for your kids to learn about and master the great blue!

Teenie Greenies—This introductory program is perfect for the little ones to get a feel for being on the water. For kids ages 5-7, they’ll be sailing on multiple different boats, but primarily in the Center’s Optimist Pram.

a4s_windsurfing101714_14048007_8colLittle Puffs Camp—Want a more in-depth approach to sailing for your little ones? This camp is also for ages 5-7 and gives the kids a chance to sail with an instructor while learning about wind and water. The main focus of this camp is to teach them how to be safe and how to have fun while on the water.

Pram Camp One—The perfect camp for first-time sailors, this one is open for kids ages 8-12 (or up to 120 lbs) and offers a basic level of sailing. It focuses on the fundamentals of sailing while having a great time on the water. It’s the perfect way to dip their toes into this great activityCCSC What to bring!

Pram Camp Two—Ready to take it to the next level? Sailors who have already completed Pram Camp 1 or who are ready to advance their skills are welcome to this camp! Camp two is also open to kids ages 8-12 (or up to 120 lbs).

Water Adventure Camp—There are so many more activities you can do on the water! For kids ages 10+ they can sail, kayak, and even partake in stand up paddle boarding! All experience levels are welcome.

420 Camp—420s are 2-person boats that are super fun for your 12-17-year-olds. This camp is great for beginners and experienced sailors that want to try something new!

Windsurfing—For those that want a more physical sport, windsurfing requires balancing on a board while sailing at the same time. While this may seem challenging, the CCSC is willing to teach and all experience levels are welcomed!


Race Teams—If the camps catch on, try competitive race teams! They are available for every age and ability. The teams compete at regattas locally, regionally, and even nationally. They teach not only racing skills, but self-reliance, teamwork, and advanced knowledge of weather conditions. With a state surrounded by water, it’s the perfect sport!

Curly Cue

Check out their website for full schedule and membership details! 

*This content was sponsored by Clearwater Community Sailing Center.

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