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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Summer Fun! Products we love for both in and outside the home.

Staying at home this summer? Going out? Either way here are a few summer products that we love! Looking for Summer Fun? Tampa Bay Parenting’s Summer Fun Directory is your guide to attractions, activities, and all day adventures!


BigMouth Inc. : Enjoy fun in the sun with products from BigMouth incorporated! Whether its a giant flamingo floatie or durable lawn sprinklers, there are plenty of the products for the whole family to enjoy. Sold at Target as well as other retailers, BigMouth Inc. has large and small floaties and an array of outside water toys to take advantage of this summer.

Laguna Blue: The Smarter Towel : For fun in the sun, choose a towel that’s a step above the rest. Laguna Blue towels have a unique knit that absorbs liquid faster yet dries twice as quickly as a regular cotton towel. Beyond its excellent design Laguna Blue offers an eco-friendly, bacteria resistant microfiber towel that gives the user a healthy peace of mind.


Swig : Summers can be hot, keep your drinks cold with Swig. With a variety of cup shapes and trendy colors, Swig offers an uber-insulated and uber-cute drinkware option. Choose from tumblrs, travel bottles, and stemless wine and flute glasses.

Case + Drift : For travel lovers and vacation goers, Case + Drift provides products that combine versatility and style. These custom designed Turkish bags and towels are created for weekend adventures, everyday use, and world travel.

Beach Gypsy: Get your sparkle on with Beach Gypsy’s SPF 30 Glitter Sunscreen. Not only does it protect you from the sun for up to 80 min the glitter is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Find this product and others at


Jaded Candles: Illuminate your home with the inviting scent of Jaded Candles. Jaded Candle products contain no additives, chemicals or colors and are made from pure soy wax to ensure a rich, healthy, and beautiful scent. These affordable yet luxurious candles are perfect for any space and there is a scent for everyone.


Wax Cabin Candle Co. : These candles stand out from the rest with unique scents that connect you to fond memories. Sunrise, brunch, gin and tonic, and cozy cabin are just some of these unique scents. All candles are soy based and handmade.



energydots: Feeling the strain from all the electronics in your home? Our wireless world is wreaking havoc on our bodies. These energydots are programmed to harmonize the effects of electrical emissions. They extremely thin and can be stuck almost anywhere, even on a key chain. Choose from a range of products at


Pixie Mood: Jasmine Bag : Trendy and versatile are two ways to describe this tote bag from Pixie mood. The Jasmine bag includes adjustable straps, marble tassel accent, and small interior ouch all made with vegan leather.


HaloVino : Everything is better with a glass of wine, but the plastic cups provided at events just don’t make the cut. Wine connoisseurs know glass shape optimizes smell and taste so Jessica Bell created a smart and affordable wine tumblr. This tumblr can be used at glass free events so wine lovers can have fun with wine in hand.


Dona Bela SHREDS: It’s summertime and although a scarf is a great accessory, it is far too hot. Dona Bela SHREDS alleviates this with their unique design. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to find the right fit for you. There is a “shred” for everyone at

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