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Sunday, August 7, 2022

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Through Sickness and Health

When I seen this on Facebook today, I just knew I had to write in. I typically do not do this sort of thing. My name is Ally Corsello I am happily married to Rob for 8 years now. We have 3 children: Jason, 5, Ryan, 3 and Tiffany 8 months. Addiing another child mid-summer last year, sure has his greatest joys, however, it comes with financial hardship of course. My husband was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago and our oldest son Jason was diagnosed with ADHD/sensory disorder one year ago. Unfortunately, we have not had any time to take a vacation let alone any amusement parks. My husband’s medicine cost roughly 100 per month and my son Jason’s can cost up to 44 a month. Each day is a challenging one. Having a child with a disability and a husband with a disease, having strength and patience is something I think about all day long. Both my boys love sea world and have a huge collection of animals. My ADHD child especially loves whales and I know he would love to see Shamu. All I can do, is thank the Lord each day I have my health. With the added addition of my Father having Bone cancer (his Kideny cancer spread just last month) it has taken a toll on me and my Mother. I will continue to keep my family in his spirits and pray that one day, there will be a cure for cancer. Thank you so much for this time to tell you about me and my family. While I would love the fun cards and it would be a nice treat, I am just happy to tell at least one person today I am thankful to be a proud Mom and wife. For I would not be nothing without them.

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