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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Tips For Your Child’s First Cinema Experience

In times of great wealth or sudden depression, nobody ever stops going to the cinema; it’s a proven fact. Movies bring families, couples and friends together in the oddest way as they sit and watch the flashing pictures in dead silence. However, we easily forget our first trip to the silver screen, which may or may not have been as glamorous as we imagine. Below are the three must-do’s to make sure your child is ready for his or her own admission ticket.

1) Ask yourself if your child is ready for a theater environment. Are they afraid of the dark? Do loud noises make them uncomfortable? Make sure your child understands what is to come when they step into the building.

Can they handle a feature-length film? If they can maintain interest in a TV-movie, they are more likely to sit still the entire time.

Do they know how to be quiet? According to Common Sense Media, most children’s first movie experience happens around age 3 or 4 when they can better understand the rule of silence. However, kid movies have a much friendlier environment toward bursts of laughter and out-loud comments.

2) Prepare ahead of time. Make sure your child has eaten enough and gone to the restroom before leaving the house. The child is not going to want to make a bathroom break in the middle of the film and might try to hold it. Don’t forget to bring a sweater in case the room is chilly. Decide ahead of time if you are going to purchase popcorn to avoid any negotiation.

3) Explain the opening trailers. Most children cannot distinguish between the advertisements and the actual movie. Trailers are fast, loud, and sometimes terrifying, especially when its a horror movie. If you want to skip them, you may avoid a petrified trailer. But in the occasion that you don’t, let them know what they are and their purpose.

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