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Back-to-School: Tips to streamline the morning routine

De-Stress Your Morning Routine 

Mornings are already tough, even if you’re a morning person! Add in children or pets and the needs of a spouse, and you could have a recipe for maximum chaos before 9 a.m. It doesn’t have to be that way! Here are a few tips to help you get you and your family out the door in the morning on time and in relatively good spirits.  

Prep, prep and oh yeah, prep! 

What can be done the night before should be! Have the kids participate in packing backpacks, bags and other items. Baths can be taken, lunches prepared and clothing laid out  the night before. Set aside a time window before bedtime and make it part of your child’s nightly ritual right before bedtime or story time. 

Early to Bed Means… 

It could be challenging, but try to make sure that everyone in your family, especially your children, go to bed at a reasonable hour and get the maximum amount of sleep that they can. This makes for easier wake up calls, even for hard sleepers. Having enough rest ensures a better attitude in the morning. 

Rise and Shine…Before Everyone Else 

If possible, be the first one to awake. If you share the morning routine with your spouse, make sure they’re up too – before the kids. This will allow you some quiet time and time to dress yourself, get your coffee and get breakfast going before you wake up your children. Make wake up time a time to connect with your kids and mentally prep them to have a great day. Those that can dress themselves should! It’s one less thing you have to do and helps them build some self-reliance. 

Establish a Family “Launch Pad” 

Create a space where all items that are to ‘go with’ in the morning are placed. Back packs, books, lunches, signed permission slips, purses and computers should all be in a container or area by the door where everyone enters and exits. It’s easier to assess if you have everything if it’s in one place.

Create a Morning Routine Charts 

Sometimes visual aids help – no matter how old you are! Depending on the size of your family, a morning routine chart could prove to be a life saver. Let your kids help create the chart. The chart should have all major morning activities: get dressed, comb hair, brush teeth, put on shoes, etc. Use images on the chart for young pre-readers so that they are part of the process too. This also allows your children ownership of the process and they are more likely to comply. 

Stay Cool, Stay Calm 

If your kids begin to dawdle, stop what you’re doing and see what the issue is. If they need a hand, lend it. Connect with your kids at eye level to assess the issue and suggest solutions. Once you connect with your child, compliance isn’t far behind. 




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