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Friday, August 19, 2022

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Undiagnosed Pregnancies

“I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant!” is the exclamation of unexpecting expecting mothers that has given TLC quite the revenue, but nonetheless a true story for about 1 in 2,500 women.

A common myth is that only obese people suffer these sort of pregnancies; however, one anonymous mother shared her story with Cosmopolitan earlier this year and revealed that she was only 112lbs when she gave birth. The child had been small and was resting behind her uterus, but nonetheless came out healthy and intelligent.

Mother Caitlin Beckner reveals she had no idea that any weight gain was natural because she was on the Mirena IUD, the most effective birth control on the market, as well taking time off her wedding diet. She was finally diagnosed when she was 6 months pregnant, fearful of what her birth control did to her child since it can cause birth defects. Luckily, she too had a healthy, smart child.

A mother can be pregnant while experiencing zero symptoms including drastic weight gain. One cause for this condition can be as simple as stress. The scary thing for these soon-to-be mothers is complications regarding health, especially if they have already consumed alcohol. This makes the days leading up to the birth a very emotional process. However, it has been proven that mothers can still have a normal childbirth and produce a healthy offspring. Unfortunately, most women who have suffered from cryptic pregnancy admit their sadness to never having a moment to really sit back and enjoy the pregnancy.

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