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Unique Resolutions

Get fit, eat healthier, and be less stressed are the most common resolutions most women make each year yet how often do we keep to those commitments. Why not try something to help boost your happiness? Here are some of our suggestions:

Take your photo in three interesting places. If you love to travel but never find the time to go to new places make time. Make a visual record of the year by taking a photo of yourself and your family in each place. Some extraordinary places to visit in Florida include the Everglades National park, Key West, Sanibel Island, and St. Augustine.

everglades national park

Try a new food each week. Most New Years resolutions result in cutting out foods which results in you craving and caving for the most unhealthy food. Try hitting the fruit and veggie aisles to get exotic fruits such as dragon fruit, lychees, romanescu, and plantains.

Sort out financial worries. Start off the year by getting your finances in order by sorting out one area of your financial worries. Maybe it’s spending a fortune on food, or using all your money to cover the electric bill. Try to think of alternatives to elevate your stress such as growing a garden or setting a budget when you go shopping or monitoring how much your family uses the electricity. Suncoast Credit Union is one of several banks that offers financial advice on how to manage your money.

Be social not on social networking sites. How often do we find ourselves checking our phones when we are with our children? Looking at Facebook, writing a tweet, uploading a picture onto Instagram, or checking the news instead of spending time with the loved ones around us. Having time to spend with your children is the one most precious things you will ever receive. Often times you will hear a child say “Mommy watch me go down the slide” or “Mom look at what I can do.” Kids do this because they want your full attention. Try being social with your kids by putting the phone away and instead participate in activities with them.

Learn something new. It’s never to late to learn a new skill. Make a resolution to learn a foreign language, a craft, or improve your culinary skills.

Do you have any unique resolutions? Put them in the comments below.

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