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Vosler Young Artists’ Studio

Can Young Artists’ Learn Classical Drawing? 
The answer is an emphatic yes!  And the younger they are they faster they learn.  Enter the Vosler Young Artists’ Studio.

Before our current modern day schools there were private apprenticeships, then academies and ateliers.   Michelangelo at age 13 apprenticed to Domenico Ghirlandaio. Mary Cassatt began studying painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia at the early age of 15. Cecelia Beaux started lessons with a relative, Catherine Ann Drinker at age 16.

Drawing in the classical tradition is the first most fundamental skill artists must learn.  Using the medium of charcoal or graphite pencil and acquiring the techniques is a part of the process.   The other part is the observational skill or art of seeing.   Understanding our natural world around us requires us to break down what we are seeing to a system that helps the artist compose a drawing.  The system of “seeing” actually has a language.  Light source, value system, core shadow and cast shadow are just a few of the terms artists use to describe the scene before them.

In the past decade many artists who sought out traditional training opened up modern day ateliers to support themselves and taught traditional classical drawing and painting.  Today artists have revived the techniques and processes of the past and create drawings and paintings with modern new paints, papers and canvas.

This movement has created an entirely new system of education in America.  But with the new atelier and academy system there is still not enough of a feeder program.  Music, sports and dance all have programs that start at a young age so that children may gain fundamental skills to take them to higher levels in their chosen area.  Art is also a lifetime pursuit and should have its own program of development for children.

Vosler Young Artists' Studio

The Vosler Young Artists’ Studio was founded in 2010 by Colonel James Vosler and myself,  professional artist, Kerry Vosler, in Tampa, Florida.  We created an atelier for the young artist who wants to develop solid fundamental drawing skills.  Children may enroll as early as age, seven.  By age eighteen our young artists are either on their way to a mainstream university or have chosen to go directly to an atelier.  An example is Yeats Ihrig who currently studies full time at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.  Angel Academy of Art

Additionally for students who cannot enroll in our regular program in Tampa we created a summer intensive classical drawing workshop.  Our summer workshops for teens have been very successful and we see students return each summer.  In 2016 Vosler Young Artists’ Studio Partnered with the McLean Project for the arts in McLean, Virginia, to do week-long summer workshops in McLean.  We are currently doing workshops in both Tampa and McLean, VA.  McLean Project for the Arts

Do you have a young artist who would benefit from our program?

Visit our website at Vosler Young Artists’ Studio.  Visit our Facebook page and see photos from our summer workshops at Vosler Young Artists’ Studio Facebook.  Visit our beautiful North Light studio in Tampa, Florida at the historic Circa 1904 Santaella Studios for the Arts, 1906 North Armenia, Suite 207, Tampa, Florida, 33607.   Call for an appointment:  813-417-5867 or email

Authored by:  Kerry Vosler, Founder, Vosler Young Artists’ Studio

Sarah Rigby
Sarah Rigby
Sarah has a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Performance-Musical Theatre, minors in Business and Entrepreneurship and an Associates Degree in Graphic Design. Originally from Iowa, Sarah is happy to now call Tampa home. When not keeping TBPM organized behind the scenes you can find her serving at church, sipping a good cup of coffee, or out on the boat with her husband and furbaby, Biscuit.

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