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Saturday, October 16, 2021

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Vote Today: Several of our contributors are up for Best of the Bay!

Creative Loafing’s Best of the Bay is back for another year–giving readers like YOU a chance to vote for your favorite people, places, and businesses in Tampa Bay! We’re so excited to share that several of our contributors have made the cut as top nominees in several different categories and we’d love it if you took a minute to vote for them because we promise you, they are all amazing and spectacular people! And, of course, truly deserve the top honors as ‘Best of the Bay’!

So, let’s get to it…

Here’s up for the 2021 Best of the Bay awards in 2021:

(click on the links to vote in their category.)

Kiva Williams Best Blogger Best of the Bay

BEST BLOGGER: Kiva Williams/

We absolutely love working with Kiva and she is such a wonderful person inside and out and a great storyteller! The mom of three appeared on our July cover with her three kids in the lazy river at Adventure Island. She shared her favorite waterfront restaurants in that issue, but has also added to our list of favorite places to eat with kids in Tampa Bay! You can follow her on Instagram at @thefunfoodiemama and at


Best TV Newsperson Maggie Rodriguez

BEST TV NEWSPERSON: Maggie Rodriguez/Daytime on WFLA

Maggie has been contributing with us for more than a year and most recently took on a new role as co-host of Daytime on WFLA where she created a new segment called ‘Maggie and the Moms’. You can read her articles each month in Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine, but you can also get to know her here. Watch her on Daytime on WFLA on weekdays at 10am. You can also follow her on Instagram at @maggierodrgiueztv.


Julie Tingley Best Networker Best of the Bay


If there’s a female powerhouse in Tampa Bay, Julie probably has her number. She spent several years building a network of female leaders in our community through the KNOW Women which has published four books featuring movers and shakers in Tampa Bay. In every issue of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine, Julie shares the story of a Mom to KNOW–all from a variety of backgrounds, but all have a single drive to succeed and help other women succeed. She has a lot more exciting things in store, so be sure to follow her in her journey on Instagram at @julietingley.

While you’re voting, you can also share the LOVE with local PLACES in Tampa Bay:

Our top picks for BEST MUSEUM: Glazer Children’s Museum, MOSI, and Tampa Bay History Center

Now the we’re thinking about it…we should run a contest like this too! What do you all think, friends?? Hmmm…..

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