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Want to Help Your Child with Reading? Ask These Two Questions!

Bookshare Reading Tools

Have you been told your child has a learning difference like dyslexia? Does he/she have trouble reading print due to a physical disability or visual impairment? If so, your child may qualify for free digital books and reading tools from Bookshare.

Already, over 200,000 students are reading digital books; these books help students read independently and perform better in school. Many students who didn’t like reading become readers! There are over 150,000 books including all the popular literature, textbooks, teacher-recommended reading, reference books, as well as books on any topic your child might be interested in.

Here’s what you can do at Back-to-School night or a parent/teacher conference:

1.       Ask, “Can you sign my child up for Bookshare?” Your child’s teacher can start sign up process here; the teacher will certify that your child has a qualifying disability.  Watch this video to learn more. Once your child is signed up at school, the teachers will be able to download books for him/her.

2.       Get your child an individual membership. It’s like an unlimited library card. Your child will be able to explore the library, download books and read on his/her own. Ask your child’s teacher to print the individual membership form. You can sign it on the spot! Then, you or the teacher FAXes the form back to Bookshare. Here’s a guide to the process!

Or, get your child an individual membership even if your school doesn’t sign him/her up first.  Watch this guide to the process!

If you want to investigate further like many parents do, you can explore the parent and training pages on the Bookshare website. Students who qualify for free memberships have a learning disability, like severe dyslexia, a visual impairment, or a physical disability.

Bookshare is a literacy solution of Benetech (, a nonprofit funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs.

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