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Ways parents can get some ‘me time’ in

So parents are the end all for their kids, but what about them? Parenting expert Jill Assalti joins us with some key things to keep in mind.

Tips for taking care of YOU!

  1. Exercise. Scrutinize your schedule and find some time for exercise. It not only promotes weight-loss, but more importantly it releases mood-lifting endorphins and gives you more energy throughout your day.
  2. Family Health Kick. Getting everyone involved in eating healthier makes it easier to stick to a new healthy lifestyle. However, regardless of everyone’s commitment, incorporating a healthier foods into your diet; such as fruits and vegetables (organic if you can swing it) and less cookies and cakes will give you more energy and can assist with better sleep patterns.
  3. Find some alone time. It’s important to recharge your batteries and do something at least once or twice a week that fills you with joy and inner peace.(Meditation, Yoga, Walk/Run Outside, Reading a book in the park, treating yourself to a nice meal on the outside patio of a nice restaurant etc
  4. Do something new this year. Challenge yourself and break out of your comfort zone. Facing challenges and new activities can build your self-confidence and reverence for life (i.e. Rock Climbing, Horse-back riding, Singing Karaoke etc)
  5. Stop the negative chatter in your head. Find the greatness within you. Focus on your positives, not only outwardly, but inwardly. You deserve to be healthy and happy. Your happiness will help to improve all areas of your life, including your family.

Make it a great 2016 because your worth it!

By Jill Assalti, Tampa Bay Parenting,

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