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Ways to Prepare for the Toddler Cataclysm

It’s fast approaching the toddler cataclysm. Everything in their path becomes a template of art from their faces, to clothes, furniture and walls. So here’s how to prepare for the storm coming your way:

  1. Buy stain-removal pens in stock. You’re gonna need them because toddlers are notorious for being spillers.
  2. Hide all of the permanent markers, crayons and paint in spots they can’t reach because when you aren’t looking they can turn into Picasso’s coloring on every surface.
  3. In the event they find artsy supplies buy Mr. Clean Magic Erasers as they do wonders on walls.
  4. Wear your not so nice clothes. Why you might ask? Well, to your toddler, your shirt is like one giant paper towel for when they feel like they need to rid themselves of messiness.
  5. Also buy lots and lots of comfy clothes such as running shoes and athletic outfits because toddlers move fast. Sometimes they will turn into partial nudists so watch out!
  6. There may be occasional boo-boos so be ready to treat scrapes and cuts with band-aids.
  7. If your kids have a favorite doll or toy try to buy a few. For a lot of toddlers a favorite stuffed animal comes on car ride trips, they might play on the playground together or in the yard, and they are there for almost every meal and nighttime bed story. After a few washes stuffed animals sometimes fall apart so hide backups just in case.
  8. Toddlers love to bite things and put things in their mouths so if you can sustain from buying small toys because they can be easily swallowed.
  9. Stock up on stickers they are great toddler currency and rewards.
  10. You will become an expert on Disney movies. When toddlers love something they will want to watch it again and again.

Here’s to never having a dull moment! To reading bedtime stories, to fixing boo-boo’s: it’s a new milestone that should be documented. What’s your favorite part of being a parent of a toddler? What do you look forward to?

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