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Friday, December 2, 2022

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We are finally a family again.

This is a long story but has a happy ending. For starters I am a recovering addict. Prior to me getting pregnant with my first son who is now 2 1/2 I had an addiction problem. I worked very hard to quit once I got pregnant but was not able to do so for long. I did manage to stay clean for the end of my pregnancy and did give birth to my son clean. I then stayed clean for another 30 days. Then I relapsed and the state came in and put my son in foster care. I really believed that I would never get my son back after that. Instead of getting clean I continued to use. I felt there was no reason to work hard anymore I lost the only thing that mattered to me. Then I got pregnant again. This time I was determined not to do the same thing. I found out on the 8th of Sept and quit using on Sept 11th. I was then concerned I would not be able to stay clean so I put myself into a rehab to get help. I stayed in the rehab for 115 days. I came out got my an apt and prepared to get my first son back and have my second son. In Feb of 2010 I got my first son back. In may I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Everything was great for a month and then I relapsed for 1 day. I felt that I needed to be honest with everyone and I told them that I relapsed. Because of this both of my boys were taken away from me on May 21st 2010. I continued to work on my addiction problem and worked with my caseworker to get my boys back. This time I did not use I stayed clean. I was given my boys back on Feb 24,2011. Since then I have had to work very hard to stay clean. I have also gone back to school full time to get my associates degree in Human services. In addition because I am a single mom I have to work full time to provide for my family. So this leaves very little time and money for me to spend with my boys. In May of this year I will celebrate 2 years clean and this would make an awesome gift for me and my family. If I won it would allow us time to spend as a family together having fun in an affordable way. I only live 45 minutes from Busch Gardens so I could take my boys after I got off of work to enjoy the park for a few hours at a time. Thank you for considering me and my family.
Dawn, Titus and Titan Rose

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