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Fall is here, which means cold and flu season is just around the corner. Here are some great products to make your autumn season a little sweeter and healthier.
Tampa Bay Parenting Oskar Stadler Form

Oskar Humidifier

Purify and humidify your air to prevent dry and cracked skin during the cooler months. Silent operation and dimmable lights make this a musthave. $160

Tampa Bay Parenting 2014 Element Snacks

Element Rice & Corn Cakes

These vegan snacks have no high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives, no GMOs, and no yeast. With delicious flavors like dark chocolate and strawberry, your family will love staying healthy with these snacks. $54 for 12

Tampa Bay Parenting 2014 wakey wakey cereal

Ella’s Baby Food

Made with only organic ingredients, your little one can enjoy a variety of yummy baby foods from smoothie fruits to cereal. $18 for 7

Tampa Bay Parenting 2014 Surf Sweets

Surf Sweets

Featuring spooky spiders and organic fruit packs, these healthy treats are perfect for trick-or-treaters. $3

Tampa Bay Parenting 2014 just pretend

Just Pretend Kids 

Perfect for Halloween, these adorable costumes also come in handy for playtime or anytime. $40+

Tampa Bay Parenting 2014 dolphin organics

Dolphin Organics

Give your kids the sun protection they need to keep their skin healthy without added chemicals. A little goes a long way since it is not made from concentrate. 12+

Tampa Bay Parenting 2014 closys

CloSYS Oral 

Oral health can lead to better overall health. The CloSYS system does not contain harmful foaming agents, but still provides an excellent level of cleanliness. $12

Tampa Bay Parenting 2014 Keep it Kleen

Keep it Kleen

This pacifier can prevent your child from putting germs in their mouth by automatically closing a lid around the nipple when it is
dropped. $10 for 2

Tampa Bay Parenting 2014 Steri-Bottle


Steri-bottles and nipples are BPA free, disposable and recyclable so you are not exposing your baby to harmful agents. $10 for 10

Tampa Bay Parenting 2014 Boogie Mist

Boogie Mist 

This nonmedicated, natural saline spray will help clear your child’s nasal passages so that they can breathe. Gentle enough for all ages, this spray has an easy to use nozzle. $7

Tampa Bay Parenting 2014 zarbees

Zarbee’s Immune

Boost your kids immune systems no matter what age they are. With everything from yummy gummies to cough syrup, Zarbee’s is
completely safe and natural. $7

Tampa Bay parenting 2014 star wars ready go

Ready Go Star Wars Toothbrush

With red, yellow, and green lights, this toothbrush teaches kids how long to brush and promotes good oral health. $4

Tampa Bay Parenting 2014 Eco Vessel

Eco Vessel

Help the environment with this triple insulated bottle that keeps water at the perfect temperature. $23

Tampa Bay Parenting 2014 simply 7

Simply 7 Chips

These all natural chips are healthy and delicious. With no preservatives, gluten, artificial colors or trans fats, these chips are a healthier alternative to snacking and they taste amazing! $4

Tampa Bay Parenting 2014 Bundle Organics Trio_bottlesonly

Bundle Organics

Get the prenatal nutrition you and your baby need without the added chemicals. In delicious flavors, bundle organics drinks are
fortified with vitamin D, Omega 3, calcium and more. Best of all, they are all natural! $18 for 3

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