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Monday, January 30, 2023

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When Your Kids Want to Go Out for Dinner

When you’re about to cook dinner and your kids ask to go out and you’re not sure whether to insist on eating in or going with your natural instinct to avoid washing dishes at all costs.

Tampa Bay Parenting, 2016, Nicki Minaj

After all, you’ve already mastered the technique of eating with one hand since you’ll definitely need that other arm to stop your children from flicking food, straw wrappers, and whatever else they can find at each other.

Tampa Bay Parenting, 2016, I'm ready

But, on the other hand, you know two of your kids are going to have that who-can-blow-the-most-bubbles-into-their-drink contest they are so fond of.

Tampa Bay Parenting, 2016, Harry Potter rolling eyes

And, of course, at that exact moment that other mom is going to walk by your table. You know the one. The one who always has everything together. The one who never has dried flecks of mascara under her eyes and who actually takes the time to fill in her eyebrows. You know, the one with kids who don’t blow bubbles into their drinks.

Tampa Bay Parenting, 2016, why me

You’ll greet each other nicely enough, but her eyes will ask how you could ever allow your kids to run so wild. Your eyes will ask how anyone could get their eyebrows to look like that.

Tampa Bay Parenting, 2016, Disney cat

Once she leaves, your eldest will once again insist she is too old for the kids’ menu. Meanwhile, here you’ll be, wishing you actually could order that macaroni-and-cheese from the kids menu.

Tampa Bay Parenting, 2016, sad baby

You’ll want to tell your child ‘no’ at first, but she’ll be very convincing that she’s ready, Mom. She can definitely finish her plate this time.

Tampa Bay Parenting, 2016, thumbs up

But she won’t.

Tampa Bay Parenting, 2016, bunny rolling over

And then you’ll turn over to your toddler and realize he’s eating his crayon. You’ll take it away from him, but then he’ll burst into tears, and everyone will shake their heads at you while staring at his blue teeth.

Tampa Bay Parenting, 2016, for shame

But even though you know what’s coming, as you look at your kids making big eyes after they’ve asked you to go out for dinner, you know their happiness will be worth it— bubbles, adult plates, crayons, and all.

Tampa Bay Parenting, 2016, despicable me

Then again, pizza is always an option.

Tampa Bay Parenting, 2016, idea

Tampa Bay Parenting, Intern, Maria Dones
Maria Dones is an intern at Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine. When she’s not reading old fairy tales or obsessing over Korean dramas, you can find her trying to befriend her boyfriend’s roommate’s cat.
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